Claudia Kastellanos - Maverick/Entrepreneur/Unorthodox/Cryptic/An enigma of your imagination/Intergalactic Space Rebel.

Welcome to my personal blog space on ponderings/beliefs, film experiences, acting, perspectives in and out of things political or spiritual, things I'm fond of, art, comics, video games etc.

I have a history of fundamental experience working behind the scenes as a Grip, PA, AC, setting up/hauling film equipment, a bit of lighting, and sometimes work with sound on various productions. I've also been building up my credits in front of the camera lately acting. Check out my IMDb and LinkedIn page sometime. :)

*I'm a bit like Batman....I scope out internet baddies/moral injustice and bring awareness/safety tips to the good people.

Ethnicity: Greek/Irish/Sioux Indian
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Egyptian Astrology: Seth
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Gifts: Acting/Philosophy/Psychology/Politics/Belly Dancing/Guitar/Modeling/Graphic Design/Xbox360/Jewelry Design

Interests: Acting, Star Wars, Independent Thought, Profiling, Filmmaking, Liberties, Justice, Inner Freedoms, Religions, Ideologies, Space, Dr. Who, Individual Rights, Video games, Architectural Design, Modeling, Behavioral Analysis, Paper Art, Comics, Astrophotography, Numerology, Martial Arts Films, Infrared Photography, Astrology, Music Theory, Indie Films, Conspiracies, Geekery, Shamanism, Existentialism and Philosophy.


IMDb: Claudia Kastellanos
LinkedIn: Claudia Kastellanos

Twitter: ActressCK
Instagram: Claudia Kastellanos
Facebook: Claudia K. Retouching (Digital art/Retouching.)

Groups: I run a group catered to all things GEEK via Facebook called "- Super Group -"

"Knowledge gives you power, but character: respect." - Bruce Lee


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