Claudia Kastellanos - Maverick/Entrepreneur/Unorthodox/Cryptic/An enigma of your imagination/Intergalactic Space Rebel.

My United States of Whatever - Bat caves within bat caves, my space on ponderings/beliefs, film experiences, acting, perspectives in and out of things political or spiritual, things I'm fond of, art, comics, video games etc.

I currently work in film with a production crew working behind the scenes as a Grip, PA, Boom operator setting up/hauling film equipment, and often recording sound on various productions. I also do Brand Amabassador work sometimes to help fund my acting career and life. Find me on IMDb and LinkedIn regarding all that jazz.

I only want to work with genuine artists who are about custom creativity/characters and imaginative stories - not those who feel they are "thrown" or stuck within Indie or whatever they're doing who view "making it in Hollywood" as a 'Be all - End all' regarding goals. I try my best not to waste my time/resources on those who kick anything that isn't a Ferrari off of a cliff if you know what I mean. Genuine creative honest people with compelling ornate/inspirational projects are my goal.

"Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear... until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, and justice become the reality we all share - I'll never stop fighting. Ever." - Superman

Ethnicity: Greek/Irish/Sioux Indian
Zodiac Sign: I'm a Gemini with a 1st house Pluto and an Aries Moon.
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon - Raah raah, I am Bahamut.

What I do: Acting/Philosophy/Psychology/Politics/Acoustic Guitar/Modeling/Graphic Design/Xbox360/Jewelry Design

Interests/Hobbies: Acting, Star Wars, Psychological Politics, Independent Thought, Profiling, Filmmaking, Superheroes, Video Games, Liberties, Justice, Inner Freedoms, Ideologies, Space, Dr. Who, Individual Rights, Video games, Architectural Design, Modeling, Behavioral Analysis, Paper Art, Comics, Numerology, Martial Arts, Astrology, Music Theory, Film, Geekery, Shamanism, Existentialism and Philosophy.

Hates: Injustice, and Conscientious stupidity.

"Draga: What's life without honor?
Superman: The real test of honor isn't how you die, it's how you live." - The Justice League

Social Medias:

Twitter: ActressCK
Instagram: ClaudiaKastellanos

Groups: I have a group catered to all things GEEK via Facebook titled: - Super Group - (Join today!!)

"Even just seconds ahead is unknown; even just seconds after is open to infinite possibilities." - Mehmet Murat IIdan


"Run run run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Stinky Cheese Man!" (1992 - A great fictional tale by Jon Scieszka.)

"Run run run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Stinky Cheese Man!" (1992 - A great fictional tale by Jon Scieszka.)

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    It means so much to me that someone else remembers this book. When I was but a wee truant, Stinky Cheese Man was the...
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    This book was my favorite childhood book. I love it.
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    My childhood…
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    I REMEMBER THIS I loved this book! Though all the fairytales had a sad ending. (And even as a kid the art amazed me. The...
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    I love the charming but creepy look of Lane Smith’s illustrations.
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